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Leave & License Registration without visit to the Sub-Registrar’s Office

Leave and License

The "Leave and License", which is an easement right and is defined and governed u/s 52 of the Indian Easements Act,1882. A 'Leave & License' ensures that there is no transfer of interest from the Licensor to the Licensee. It is License to occupy and use the premises in the mentioned duration on mutually agreed terms. If the Licensee continues to occupy the property upon the cessation of the License or upon the prescribed notice period, they will be considered as unlawful occupants and action initiated against them for immediate eviction.

A rent agreement is a legal document, also known as contract between the landlord (owner of the property) and tenant for a fixed period of time, that contains the pre-discussed norms and conditions under which the tenant has the temporary possession of the property.

This agreement or document has to be followed by both landlord and tenant. Moreover, the tenure of the contract or agreement can be renewed if the owner of the property wishes to. The terms and conditions of the contract or agreement can be changed according to the understanding between the tenant and the landlord. Unless registered, this notarized agreement is not a legal binding. Therefore, to register the same, the tenant needs to pay stamp duty and registry charges on the agreement.

Create rent agreement online

Either the owner or the tenant sends the required Document’s.

Rental agreement is created online using this information.

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An appointment for registration is scheduled. Our team visits your home on the scheduled day and the biometric registration is done at home where owner, tenant and two witnesses will be available in same place. This service is available on all days of the week and can be availed on Sundays too!

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Within 3-4 working days the soft copy of your registered rental agreement is sent to your email ID. And what's more? You don't even need to step out of home!

Rent Agreement

  • Documents Required

    • Owner/s - Adhar Card & Pan Card
    • Tenant/s - Adhar Card
    • Rented Propertie/s - Index 2 or Light Bill
    • Other Terms & Conditions
    • ( Rent, Period / Duration etc. )